A heritage of seven generations...

Our strength emerges, knowing that traditions remain alive when knowledge can be used to adapt to changes. What we have learned from our ancestors keeps us attached to the traditional methods of using the finest ingredients to produce intense and subtle flavors.

Our craftsmanship has taught us to think in the long term. The time it takes to gather the conditions to achieve optimal results in quality, appearance, and taste for each product we offer to our customers.

Cordobes Foods is made by people based on emotions and experiences applied to the creation of products of superlative quality.

Why Cordobes?

"Cordobes, in Spanish is the meaning of someone from Córdoba; for me it means mother, father, sacrifice, joy, cold, tiredness, dedication, perseverance, smell, taste, admiration, journey, uprooting, love, uncertainty, companion, future, children, trade, respect, overcoming, success, ..... and I could go on telling you in each word passages of my life that formed me professionally, but fundamentally as a person."