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Salt Rub
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Artisan Salt Rub

Artisan Salt Rub

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Artisan Salt Rub | Approx 16oz
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Artisan Salt Rub

Discover our Artisan Salt Rub Collection a transformative blend of salt, black & red pepper, garlic, and aromatic herbs, meticulously crafted to elevate lamb, beef, and pork to culinary excellence. Ideal for grilling, roasting, or cooking, our signature rub promises a symphony of flavors, turning every meal into a masterpiece. What's more, unlock a world of rich, mouthwatering tastes and elevate your dishes effortlessly with our carefully curated blend. And for those seeking a brining adventure, this Salt Rub is versatile, perfect for creating flavorful brines that add an extra layer of succulence to your meats. Where culinary artistry meets extraordinary flavor, savor the magic in every sprinkle.


- Salt

- Ground & Crushed Black Pepper

- Crushed Red Pepper

- Smoked Paprika

- Paprika

- Garlic Powder & Granulated

- Onion Powder

- Ginger Powder

- Marjoram

- Ground Nutmeg

- Rosemary

- Thyme

- Clove

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