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Organic Beef
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Organic Black Angus Ribeye

Organic Black Angus Ribeye

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Origin: Uruguay

Organic meat is a type of meat obtained from animals raised under strict organic and sustainable standards. These animals are raised on certified organic farms, where animal welfare is prioritized, and the use of chemicals, growth hormones, and antibiotics is avoided in their upbringing. The ribeye is known for its intense flavor and marbling, which consists of intramuscular fat veins that provide juiciness and tenderness when cooked. The result is high-quality meat, free from toxic residues, with a more authentic and natural flavor. When cooking organic ribeye, it is recommended to use cooking methods that enhance its flavor and preserve its juiciness. It is common to grill it or sear it in a hot pan and then finish it in the oven. It can also be seasoned with salt, pepper, or other condiments according to personal taste.

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