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Wagyu Picanha / Top Sirloin Cap

Wagyu Picanha / Top Sirloin Cap

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Origin: Uruguay

Uruguayan Wagyu cattle are raised in optimal conditions, with abundant pastures and carefully controlled feeding. This results in high-quality meat with exceptional flavor and tenderness. Marbling is a distinctive feature of Wagyu meat, referring to the finely distributed intramuscular fat throughout the cut. This fat melts during cooking, adding intense juiciness and flavor to the meat. This cut of meat is considered a gourmet delight due to its exceptional quality and incomparable flavor. Uruguayan Wagyu Top Sirloin Cap or Picanha is highly appreciated by meat lovers seeking a unique culinary experience filled with intense flavors. This cut can be prepared in various ways, but one of the most popular methods is grilling. It is recommended to cook it over medium-high heat to allow the fat to melt and caramelize, intensifying the flavor and juiciness of the meat. It is important to let the Picanha rest before cutting it, allowing the juices to redistribute and keeping the meat tender and juicy.

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